There shall be provision for four classrooms, one multi-purpose hall, one multi-purpose laboratory, seminar/tutorial rooms, separate rooms for the Principal, faculty members, office for the administrative staff and a store for every instructional room like classrooms, laboratory, library etc. Space shall not be less than 10 sq.ft.per student. Multi-Purpose Hall shall have the seating capacity for 150 persons.
There shall be a multi-purpose field for outdoor sports a 400 mt. track and a hall for gymnastic and indoor games and sports. In metropolitan towns/hilly regions, where availability of open space is constrained, it can be shared with other institution.
To provide these facilities, the Management/Institution shall at the time of making application, have in its possession a minimum of 2.5 acre of land/land and building free from all encumbrances either on ownership basis or on lease for the relevant regulations.
Safeguard against fire hazard be provided in all parts of building.
The institutional campus, buildings, furniture etc. should be disabled friendly.
The existing Institutions that may not be able to provide facilities fully as per sub-clause.5.1.2 and 5.1.3 may share these facilities with other Institutions or create such facilities at a different but nearby place if there is a paucity of space in the existing Institutions.